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Site engineer

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • To assist the Construction Manager on project site work by focusing mainly on the aspects of construction, safety quality management, and project coordination of projects and maintenance works and to ensure smooth work progression and completion within target time and budget.

  • Prepare method statement, construction and casting plans.

  • Liaise with the stakeholders (e.g. clients, authorities, consultants) on permits, drawings and design matters.

  • Develop projected milestone and operational plans for different phases of the project which includes scheduling, monitoring and reviewing of the work of others.

  • Determine project requirements and estimate resources such as manpower, materials and equipment.

  • Ensure that site works are executed accordingly based on approved detailed drawings, interpreted plans and requirements of relevant authorities.

  • Ensure project meets dateline/schedule, safety & quality standards of client’s requirements. Support contract administration and construction inspection by reviewing final plans, specifications, special conditions and agreements.

  • Coordinate with consultant’s representative for site inspection related matters.

  • Prepare testing and inspection schedule as well as request for inspections where required.

  • Other job duties as assigned.

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Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Overseeing the planning, analysis and recommendations in kickstarting projects.

  • Supervise day-to-day operation of project and ensure all job activities are carried out as per plan.

  • Establish day-to-day work schedule for project.

  • Ensure work methods are applied correctly and take responsibility for the safety, quality and progress aspects as well as performance standards of workers on the job on-site.

  • Provide solutions to improve on work methods.

  • Other work-related duties as and when required by the Site Manager.

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Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Supervise day-to-day operation of project and ensure all job activities are carried out as per drawings & approved materials.

  • Plan & co-ordinate day-to-day work schedule for project.

  • Ensure work methods are applied correctly and conduct site inspection.

  • Prepare daily report and maintain all inspection record.

  • Take responsibility for the safety aspects on the job on-site carry out by the contractors.

  • Provide solutions to improve on work methods.

  • Check all M&E drawings and interfaces between different services and architectural / structural drawings and advise on floor / wall opening requirement.

  • Other work-related duties as and when required by the immediate supervisor.

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Duties & Responsibilities:
  • To lead the Engineer team carry out civil and structural engineering jobs in detail engineering design.

  • To assist discipline manager allot project civil portion manpower.

  • Civil project team manhour control, schedule control.

  • To prepare foundation and structural calculation sheets, from simple to more complicated items, in accordance to project specifications, criteria and information. Ensuring correct and accurate calculations of loads and member sizes of structures.

  • To check and prepare three-dimensional (3D) models and design drawings for structures and foundations as well as shop fabrication drawings.

  • To supply design drawing information and instructions to Designers ensuring technical completeness and clearness of data for effective workflow.

  • Checks own design outputs and reviews design drawings to ensure accuracy and completeness to design requirements and concepts.

  • Coordinate with other Engineers and Designers to facilitate production of civil design and drawing outputs.

  • Perform other functions that may be assigned by the Project Manager.

  • Resolve technical issues with QP.

  • Performs other functions that may be assigned by the Department Manager.

  • Review bar bending schedule.

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Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Interpret piping isometric, piping plan and pipe support drawings.

  • Research and resolve drawing interpretation problems, conflicts, interferences and errors.

  • Provide feedback on technical design.

  • Prepare field design change requisitions and "as built" drawings as required.

  • Prepare and disseminate all required status and documentation records.

  • Manage Requests For Information (RFI) from subcontracts and the client.

  • Track and verify that all completed work complies with applicable codes, drawings and specifications.

  • Coordinate material quotes from all subcontractors and vendors and produce subcontract requests.

  • Prepare materials requisitions; perform buying and receiving as necessary.

  • Other job duties as assigned.

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Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Clean and supply designated building areas (dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, restroom cleaning etc)

  • Able to handle cleaning equipment e.g. industrial vacuum cleaner etc.

  • Notify management of occurring deficiencies or needs for repairs.

  • Stock and maintain supply rooms.

  • Cooperate with the rest of the staff.

  • Follow all health and safety regulations.

  • Any other duties as and when assigned by the Supervisor.

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Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Check/ Inspect the crane and ensure that the assigned crane is in good working condition on a daily basis according to the Daily checklist before commencing operation.

  • Work with the lifting team, control cranes, monitor the crane stability and load weights, lifts and other equipment using standard operating procedures to ensure effective lifting of materials and safety for all personnel on site.

  • Provide additional support to other crane operators as necessary, including working overtime to complete tasks, operating several types of equipment and training or monitoring junior operators.

  • Perform routine maintenance procedures and minor repairs as required and initiate additional repair requests from mechanics when necessary.

  • Report any issues to the supervisor.

  • Keep records of the crane operation checklist.

  • Ensure the crane travel routes are clear.

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